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We live in a global world where for the first time in history we are witnessing unprecedented interaction and communication between people from all over the world. More than ever people are moving and visiting different countries, and the worldwide emergence of internet makes it possible to communicate or see a person from the other side of the globe with a simple click of a mouse. With these great changes we have also witnessed an emergence of a strange worldwide phenomena- use of english as a global language. Use of english like no language before, has spread across the globe, you can go in every country on the planet and rest assured that you will find some people there who can speak english. The researchers say that one quarter of the world which is more than 1.5 billion people can communicate in english. There are more native speakers of chinese and spanish, but english is spoken across cultures, and nowadays children from all over the world learn english in schools where it has become a mandatory subject. english has become everybody's second language. Globalization has spread around the world and english has been its trademark, consolidating as a global language. One of the greatest inventions in the history- Internet is also another tool that has helped the spread of english. It is estimated that 80 percent of content on the Internet is in english. I personally have had great help in learning english by surfing the internet, and I know that millions of other people can say the same. Also widespread of pop culture, Hollywood movies and music carries the sound of english all over the globe. business is another area where english is the dominant language. All international commerce requires communication, and english has established itself as the language of choice. Knowledge of english is no longer a bonus in the business world, it is a necessity. We are all living in modern cultures where we are exposed to english language on a daily basis, no matter in which country we live. It is very interesting that more people speak english as a second or foreign language then as a native language. For example the largest english-speaking nation in the world, the united states of America, compromises only around 20 percent of the world's english speakers. Only in Asia it is estimated that 350 million people speak english which equals the number of people to whom english is their native language. Teaching english has become a great industry, with a rising number of people eager to learn english. I speak three different languages and I must say english is relatively simple, I have learned italian longer then I have been learning english, but my english is far better. Relative simplicity and its worldwide exposure have undoubtedly helped english to become a global language. I see the spread of english as wonderful phenomena which will help unite the world and bring people together. The new generation is and will be able to communicate globally using english as a common language. Already now in my own country some english words are taking root and becoming a part of everyday conversations (computer or cash for example). I have lived in a tourist destination town for the most part of my life and I remember how often I would get approached by tourists asking for directions or something, of course the communication was always in english even though the tourists were usually italians or Germans. Even as a child I knew how learning to speak english will be important in my life, and now I am going to be teaching it. Truly learning to speak english language is one of the greatest investments any person can do, especially now when english has become a global language.