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There are people who are considered gifted in certain fields. It might not be clear that every individual possesses their own kind of intelligence; however, each person can be considered smart in a particular category. When learning english as a foreign language, people exercise their verbal and linguistic intelligence. Some people learn languages naturally while others tend to work a little harder to accomplish their ultimate goal of speaking a language fluently. Part of the reason why I feel fortunate to be good at languages is because it allows me the opportunity to do activities that I enjoy. I believe that when someone discovers their strength, they generally like it and work toward developing that area, and that is how excellence is achieved. efl learners, whether gifted or not, trigger the side of the brain responsible for understanding what is being communicated. When learning english or any other language, the brains puts into practice what it needs to in order to comprehend grammar, intonation, meaning, etc. so that what it is said or written flows. Visual and Spatial is another type of intelligence, people who learn better by seeing are considered visual, and they generally make use of pictures or any other visuals to better understand concepts. It is imperative for efl teachers to provide some sort of visuals or have students draw pictures to make sure that these kind of learners in the classroom are catered for. It is also possible for humans to have two or more intelligences; being linguistically and visually intelligent; for example, will permit more room for a person to learn theoretically and by seeing visuals that are provided. For students that are musical and rhythmic intelligent, playing songs will benefit them very much because their brain absorbs audio very easily. For this reason, it is as important to speak during a language class or offer as much audio as possible to target these type of students as it is to offer picture to visual/spatial learners. For people who possess interpersonal intelligence, giving them the chance to have a dialogue or practice speaking with a fellow classmate is necessary for their progress because they tend to have the need to speak with other people. Completing individual worksheets or keeping a journal to write on is necessary for people who are interpersonal intelligent because they need that time and room to reflect and analyze on their own. According to Dr. Howard Gardner, developer of the multiple intelligence idea, there are eight different intelligences that he proposed exist in the human potential of all ages. I have briefly discussed the five of them that I find most relevant to this topic. The remaining four intelligences are existentialist, any theorist, all those philosopher who have gone down in history such as Socrates and Plato, were existentially intelligent, but not limited to only that. Athletes, policemen, firefighters, and any other professional who uses his or her body to do their job is considered kinesthetically or bodily intelligent. Accountants, people who program computers, or any sort of engineer is logically and mathematically intelligent because they use more than common sense to perform their duties. Last but not least, being naturalistically intelligent basically entails being good with nature; therefore, farmers, botanists, horticulturists, environmentalists, etc fall into this category for obvious reasons. Even though the latter are as equally important in this concept, the five that I elaborated should not be disregarded when teaching english to speakers of other languages. In order to ensure that we are reaching all of our students, we need to provide variety and to diverse type of learners that we tend to find in efl classrooms, especially in multilingual classrooms.