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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

This course has opened my eyes and mind to the amount of detail in the english language and how intricate it is. Being a native speaker, you tend to take for granted what is coming out of our mouths. For example, I never knew what a gerund was nor did I realize that there were so many different types of tenses. So grammatically I have learnt so much which I believe will help me learn another language. The course has shown that a teacher cannot simply follow their course book, variety keeps a lesson interesting and the students interested. The more passion a teacher can show in his/her teaching, the better teacher they will be. The teacher has a lot of responsibility, not just in what he/she is teaching but also in character. For students to feel comfortable participating in the lesson the teacher has a duty to always show a positive and friendly manner. Another area that has proven to be invaluable is lesson plans. I intend to use these extensively throughout my career as an english teacher. The ESA structure is an amazing and proven way to teach student. The idea that you teach (study stage) then put into practice (activate stage) makes it a fundamental part of a lesson. Language lessons present many challenges to students and if a teacher ensures to back-up and reiterate new information through practice with games and activities then the student is likely to stay more motivated. The engage stage is a critical way to begin the lesson so that you can capture the class' interest and get the students to focus. As I will be inexperienced when teaching in South Korea, I now understand the importance of using the lesson plan template to plan my lesson. It gives me guidance and allows me to focus on the students rather than being involved in the direction of the lesson. Confidence has proven to me a massive thing for students and I will always encourage and stay positive throughout the lesson. Another area I learnt is that not only is about grammar and theory but also pronunciation is just has equally has important to teach. Overall the course has been a challenge and to get to the end has proven to be rewarding for myself. It has taught me so many things I would have not even thought about when I begin teaching in South Korea and cause of it, has made me feel very excited to do it.