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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I am not personally from a teaching background, my line of work being completely different. There are, however, some similar aspects including welfare, motivation, development and task allocation in accordance with strengths and weaknesses. Several of these aspects of my employment are illustrated throughout the course, albeit from a teaching perspective. I have found that having experience with these aspects has benefitted my understanding of the course material and role of a teacher. I envisage that such skills and experience could be transferred and be beneficial in any future teaching role, when used in conjunction with the course material. I have previously studied Linguistics and italian and am therefore aware of the difficulties and issues involved in all aspects of language learning. As a result of this, I also have an acquired knowledge with english language and grammatical structure. I intend to use my learning experiences and knowledge in this area within a future teaching environment whilst being able to appreciate and understand student learning issues. I can relate my personal study experiences to parts of the course material and understand the technical and grammatical points raised in the course material. Unit one focused on teachers and learners and associated aspects including an appreciation of the different levels of students. I consider that a good teacher should have the ability to recognise, understand and develop individual learning abilities, strengths and weaknesses in the students' development and application processes. These traits can then be built upon to develop the individual and group collectively. The teacher will have a greater understanding of how get the best out of individuals. Good subject knowledge is another integral quality of a good, effective teacher because this enhances the professional perspective of the teacher and will create confidence for the students. This leads to a more enjoyable and effective learning environment.