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S.S. - Italy said:
Let’s face it, sometimes we think that just because we know a certain language, we can teach other people. I am an MBA graduate, specialized in marketing, finding myself having to change job frequently because of my husband’s constant transfers all over italy. So, at a certain point it comes to my mind, why not teaching english. It’s a job that really can be adapted to any city I move to, there’s always going to be people in the need to learn english, the most important language in the world (even though chinese is the most widely talked one). And that’s where my journey with the english language begins. Having the opportunity to start tutoring students at an english adult private school (couldn’t teach because of the lack of certifications such as tefl or CELTA), I find myself fully immersed in actually advising and following very closely all of my tutored students (more than a hundred!) learning process. Being totally “in love” with the tutoring experience, and moved by the students’ desire to have english lessons with me; I decide to reach out for a certificate that would entitle me to teach esl. The first source I refer to are my colleagues: one of them has gotten the CELTA certificate. He tells me that he did it while being unemployed and that he thinks he wouldn’t have done it while working because it required a very consistent effort and the need to move to another city where the course was taking place due to the “in classroom lessons”. The other teachers got their certifications by earning a university degree in english language. At this point I decide to surf and have a look at what Internet tefl course providers have to offer. Being unable to get time off work to follow a face-to-face course, I think that maybe Online tefl courses would do for me because they seem to include all the major content components necessary for teaching, such as classroom management, teaching grammar, etc. Obviously, they do not include real teaching practice but some of them do give you a taste for real life teaching by including streamed training videos or DVDs demonstrating various teaching techniques. Having done a weighted evaluation of the different providers online, I decide to buy the 140 hours tefl course + DVD’s by teflcorp due to the great comments given by ex-students and the variety of options offered. I believe the right course depends on a variety of factors: What will I do with the training I’ll get? Is it just an insight into teaching english? or is this a whole career move for me? One thing is true, the comfort of choosing to study from the comfort of my own home and being able to keep on working whilst getting to reach my tefl, is a plus from any other type of education. The only element I wasn’t going to quit on was that of going for a course that included more hours: the more comprehensive the online program, the more I will learn, and my knowledge and confidence will be boosted accordingly. I should have weighted, though, some of the limitations regarding online courses which I didn’t think much about at the moment I decided to buy the course: Although an online course will always provide a sound introduction to english language teaching, it does miss out on teaching practice, arguably the most vital course component. Some “live” basic tools for classroom teaching are important to give extra confidence. Secondly, despite on the fact that right now I have a good job at a private english school, throughout the world, employers would show a strong preference for those with classroom experience. Finally, one thing I should’ve been aware of was the intensity of the course I chose. Six months weren’t enough for me to truly enjoy the whole course (I can’t believe some people do it in two weeks!!). However, thanks to my tutor support and her great feedback along with the sense of achievement that I will feel after having finished the course makes it all well worthwhile!