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In the current of teaching english overseas and most assuredly within native language countries, there is a stream of thought that, which although subtle, is quite contrary to reality, or better yet, the way life is lived and how it plays out on a daily, if not, moment by moment bases. The reality is that published teaching resources, which are pumped out throughout the world, not only have a connecting link, but a concerning poison that is choking students' concept of reality in an otherwise superficial society that is quite content with living life in the shallow end, while all the while knowing that in the depth of life streams of living water await those that are willing to be freed from the undercurrent that is sweeping them away from Truth. What am I referring to? What is the reference to water all about? Well, the truth is that books that are being published have very little substance and mostly focus on the introductions, likes, hobbies, current events, and the dreams of man's desires. My proposal is that more tefl institutions consider the option of using well researched Christian home-schooling material, rather than flaky-manufactured-flip-the-page propaganda books and other resources which are all impersonating educational material. Obviously, a non-Christian will be reluctant to even read the rest of this article, let alone consider changing their school or academy's curriculum, but I submit that the Bible is the most accurate, reliable, and historically tested book of all time. Not to mention, that the New York Times best selling list refuses to place it in the number one position, because it is not fair to the other publishers, due to the fact that every year it is the most sought after. The bible has more ancient manuscripts than any book in antiquity with more than 6,000 New Testament portions readily available. So what, you may ask? Well, Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars, has 10 manuscripts and Aristotle's Poetics, has five and Herodotus, has less than 10, so 6,000 are significant. And of the New Testament manuscripts or portions of manuscripts, we can date them as far back as AD 120 to 150, which is decades after the writing of those letters. Compare that to Julius Caesar Gallic Wars, which manuscripts are about 900 years after the original and Aristotle's Poetics, which are about 1300 or 1400 years older than the originals, and with Homer we have a manuscript which was written 2,100 years after the original. Compare those with the bible manuscripts, which are tens of years older. As for the bible itself, it has internal consistency and multiple corroborations. It was written in three languages, greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, across three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe. It was written by 40 authors, who most of whom never met, because it took place over 1600 years. Therefore the bible is not only believable and “a reliable collection of historical documents, written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses.” and it reports, “supernatural events that took place in fulfillment of specific prophecies” and it claims, “to be divine rather than human in origin”, it is also a wonderful foundation from which to draw information to teach english learners from every level and culture. This is why I believe more tefl schools and academies ought to use Christian material, because the Bible is true and the believers who follow it walk in its Truth. As Jesus said in John 4:13,14, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”