TEFL Plantation Kentucky

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

Initially I took this course in order to increase my employment options in South East Asia (where I'm currently residing). I also took the course because I knew that my weakest area as a teacher was in english grammar. My schooling in australia did not teach grammar explicitly. I knew how to speak and write english perfectly – but not how to explain it to my students. I learnt a lot in the grammar units of this course. They forced me out of my comfort zone and made me tackle my weak spots. I have gained much from them. I wish there had been more focus upon grammar throughout this course. Coming from a teaching background, I found that many of the non-grammar units covered material I was already familiar with. This revising of teaching methods was however also rewarding, but in a way I didn't expect. I am currently on a career break, after having ‘burnt out' at my last job in a large secondary school. I was unsure if I wanted to return to my teaching position until I found myself flowing through the units related to lesson planning and teaching methodologies. I realized how much I already know and then found myself learning additional techniques for improving upon my skills. This course has refreshed my mind to teaching and I feel re-inspired. I plan to return to australia in a few months where I will take up teaching work again. I will implement some of the ideas and techniques I've learnt in this course. I won't shy away from lessons where grammar instruction is required for a new genre or assignment. It will actually help me save time because I will be able to teach the whole class about a language problem rather than fixing up the errors individually on the students' drafts or homework. Before returning to australia, I will look for some casual teaching positions in Langkawi, Malaysia (where I will be based until my return home). If I manage to find employment there, I will be implementing much of the material covered in this course.