TEFL Quanzhou

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L.S. - Australia said:
Having been introduced to the concept of tefl/tesol courses, I have since learned that there is great demand for 'everyday' people (like me) to be able to teach and touch people lives and provide education on the english language. This is not about having a University degree and a high paying job, quite the opposite. This for me, is about gaining the basic teaching skills, combining them with one's social skills, mixing them with a passion to help educate people who have not grown up with english as their first language and absorbing, sharing and experiencing life in a foreign country. For me, this course confirmed two things. 1. That I really enjoy the study of the english language and 2. That I love sharing what I know with people who want to learn, especially people from all over the world! I visualise myself teaching english, I don't know where, maybe china, cambodia or Chile and have that feeling of satisfaction and happiness, that one person can make a difference. I look forward to further developing my skills in the classroom and can't wait to start!