TEFL Red Cloud Nebraska

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

As a non native english speaker, this course has given me the confidence to take on my new career course. I have the basic knowledge to plan a course syllabus and plan lessons for various types of students. This course gave me the "keys" to teach basic english language through the grammar units; I will now be abe to explain english rules (what I myself learned intuitively) to students, while doing extra research in the many books referenced within the units when necessary. I have also learned and practised putting together a lesson plan according to various type of students, what the lesson will be about and what the objectives are. Being aware of the possible problems and how to overcome them. My ability to speak very good english, having spent 11 years in london, did not make me a good teacher! Now I have the "credibility" of being a tefl certified teacher. I have the "teaching" knowledge. I am more prepared about what to expect in the classroom and how to interact with the class to conduct an effective syllabus. I clearly understand what is expected of a tefl teacher and how to deliver I now live in france, my native country where I would like to start teaching english to kids aged 2/3 to 6 yo. I therefore will now take the specific course on Teaching to young learners and being a tefl / TEYL qualified teacher will be the foundation to my successful business.