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Songs in the Classroom (58): Music is an influential commonality that all cultures can share. It is one thing that I believe all nations can relate to and find an interest in. From the Jonas Brothers hitting stardom in thailand to Shakira in spain, there is no doubt the fame that has been given to performers and songs that are being sung in the english language. When I studied abroad in italy I lived with a Slovakian girl who didn't speak very much english. Every time I would play a song in my room she would sing the words of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Adele. She was singing these english words with no idea of what they meant, but she was still singing them despite her intentions. I helped her with her homework and many times she would relate a word she learned to a word that she had spoken before from english song lyrics. That was a perfect eye opener for me relating music to learning english. I also had an italian friend who loved english rap songs. He would go to Youtube and try to rap the words by reading the lyrics on the computer. He told me that was how he learned a lot of his english. He has such a fond like with American rap stars that he was willing to take the time to learn the lyrics. I believe that english songs can help with pronunciation, reading, and spelling and can provide a fun way for foreigners to learn. Many times these students will know a popular song that is international that we can bring into the classroom and breakdown the meaning of those words. I think this will be an influential way to motive many learners. Who wouldn't want to know what they are singing. Finding out a meaning to a favorite song can be interesting for many learners. When bringing a song into the classroom I can also specify and coordinate a popular song in relation to certain vocab. If they are learning about popular clothes I can find a song that has those attributes and I can also show the video and we can breakdown not only the lyrics but view what that person is wearing as well. Another popular linkage can be seen through movies. A movie may be translated, but many times the songs in the background are not. Take for instance the Twilight films. Worldwide popularity from the movies translated or not and when foreigners hear those songs from the movies they automatically link it to the movie, which can provide an exciting learning opportunity for students to learn the songs from their favorite movies. I could even take a class survey about their favorite movies and provide songs from those movies and discover the meaning of the song in concordance to the movie. Overall music is a very powerful communication tool that I feel can be more helpful in teaching english. english music can bring an influential connection into some ways that we may teach the language. It is a universal language that can brighten lesson plans and encourage students. Something I would like to use in my classroom and I can't wait for the opportunity!