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As a native english speaker who plans on teaching english as a second language in a foreign country in the near future or as a native english speaker who has already been teaching english in a foreign country for a certain amount of time, there may be many reasons why any individual would want to complete a tefl course. The following information compiled on the pages below is a combination of my own thoughts on the subject that I have accumulated over the years via various means such as discussion with colleagues, books or online sources etc. I will try to state my sources as accurately as possible and as well as my memory serves me in doing so, if I do indeed use a source, other than myself, at all. The first and most obvious reason that comes to mind, why anyone would complete a tefl course, would be to enhance your chances of getting a teaching job in the first place. If you can't get a teaching job, you won't be able apply any of the valuable information you have acquired from the tefl course, in the classroom. So, I think that getting an english teaching job at a school or language facility should be on the top of your list, so to speak. Once you have successfully completed the interview and possibly demonstration that the school may require you to do and the school or language institute has informed you of your success, you can then start to apply your skills and knowledge in the classroom accordingly. Things are getting more competitive as well. Not just in the tefl teaching industry, but with work and jobs in general. Having completed a tefl course is like ‘adding a string to the bow', so to speak. It is usually a good thing to be well prepared, based on my personal experiences. The second reason that comes to mind is being able to give the learners, young or old, the most effective learning experience possible, in all aspects of education such as the actual language itself, the dynamics of the classroom, the social aspect, having fun, enjoying the lesson etc. If you are genuinely concerned about the academic and social progress of your students and the impact that you as a teacher will inevitably have on their lives, then taking a tefl course is a logical thing to do, if you are not arrogant and are willing to learn and put the best interests of your students first, then I think it should be completed. I think it is important to keep an open mind and always be willing to learn. This will work to the advantage of the students and yourself in the long run. Completing a tefl course is a good start and a solid foundation to work from and to further your studies. It equips you, the teacher, with the necessary tools to perform well and be effective in the classroom. It's also a prerequisite if you want to register for the tefl diploma offered by ITTT. I do plan to eventually complete the tefl diploma course, so for me personally it is only logical that I take the Introductory 120 hour tefl course in order to accomplish my goal. Another reason why someone might consider completing a tefl course would be to build his or her self-confidence. I for one would feel considerably more confident when attempting teaching for the first time with a completed tefl course behind my name as opposed to none. I think that a certain amount of confidence is a key element in being a successful teacher. You don't need to be over confident or very confident. Even subtle traces of confidence in regards to the english language, a sound lesson plan and how to deal directly with students and other dynamics of the classroom, gives the impression that you know what you are doing and you will gain the confidence of the students as well. The final reason that I can think of is that the information contained in the tefl course has to be studied. Some of it can be picked up along the way without studying as such, but some of the information has to be studied, so why not get a certificate while you are at it? This concludes my research article. I hope that I have met the standards of ITTT and that you have enjoyed reading my article.