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S.N. - Canada said:
The objective of language teaching is not to ‘transmit’ the teacher’s superior understanding and appreciation of such texts to pupils; it is rather, to help them experience or ‘see for themselves’ the meanings. Language teaching plays a vital role to open up its resources to the learner so that he or she may find the right words and sentences to convey the meaning intended. The goals of teaching the mother tongue or the first language are different from those of teaching of foreign language or a second language. Ideas for Listening Skills Listening is important aspects of communication, and a technique for improving understanding of what is being said. Listening plays a crucial role in speaking abilities. Since listening is the receptive source or input, how the language user understands and acquires oral language. For this study, the students are selected and they are asked to listen a story, which run about five minutes. After two times of listening they are asked to repeat the same story. Their speeches are recorded and analyzed based on the vocabulary loss, gain, modification, creation, synonymic expression and grammar. In total, their recall skills are tested. Ideas for Reading Skills Reading skill aims at testing the Cloze Test abilities students in english Language. The word Cloze means to complete a pattern. In cloze test, a passage may be given with blanks at regular intervals. This is a technique to measure reading comprehension and general language ability. The passage is followed by answer choices. Four or five choices may be given, of which the correct word has to be chosen to complete a sentence. This process is continued until all the blanks in the passage are filled up. Quick reading will give a basic idea of the passage. The second reading should be accompanied with a reading of the options given after the passage. If the correct answer is not immediately apparent, check if the options fit in with the meaning and the structure of both the sentence and the passage. Eliminate choices that do not clearly fit in the sentence. Use discretion and judgment to choose the correct option from the remaining choices. Under this cloze item type, two types of scoring procedures are used: the exact word method where the exact word used in the original text must be supplied and the appropriate or acceptable word method where the testee can supply any word, which is acceptable or appropriate. Quite often, a cloze passage has provision for both the above scoring procedures, the exact words fitting into function gaps (conjunctions, prepositions and articles), and the appropriate words fitting into semantic gaps (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs). Ideas for Speaking Skills Competence in the grammatical system of a language alone is not sufficient for effective use of the language for communication, oral as well as written. To develop oral communicative skills in english, one should - Acquire an acceptable pronunciation with proper word stress, pitch, intonation, etc.., - Learn certain set patterns in english generally used in different day-to-day contexts of life, i.e., learning conversational english. - Descriptive competency - Dictations – True/False types - Interviewing a person ¬? Ideas for Writing Skills In our daily transactions of life, we make use of english in the written form for various types of communication such as definitions, letter writing, and report writing and note making. - Leave-letter writing - Creative writing - Descriptive competency - Dictations – True/False types Ideas for Activities - Jumping game - Story writing - Group discussion - Picture comprehension The techniques of language teaching are, to understand the students’ beliefs and attitudes, to meet the anticipated objectives, to keep the syllabus short, precise and attractive, to indicate the advantages and possible disadvantages, to make the term easy for compliance. The teaching should be based on real-life needs provided opportunity for skill-practice, and encourage the learners to evaluate themselves. The class is made lively and humorous, the emphasis should be on teaching than on testing. The methods adopted should not pressurize the students. The students should be given as many activities or drills as possible to enrich their skills in all the LSRW skills