TEFL Taylor North Dakota

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I liked to teach english to junior grades at school. Then I entered teacher's Training University to become skilled teacher of english. But I felt I was seeking something; I needed more skills, I wanted to learn more about teaching, learners' points of view, important features of a skilled teacher, new methodologies and resources, but I had not any access to International teaching styles. I found tefl courses on line hoping that those would fill this gap and assist me to develop my abilities. tefl has easily surpassed all expectations! From the first lesson I liked the style and language of tefl courses; the content seemed to me to be very interesting and useful. I consider this is very serious, intensive, resourceful course to develop and support a teacher's capabilities. The course contains even small details of a proper management and teaching; provides complete coverage of different educational systems as grammar, linguistic, phonetics and so on. Much attention was paid to classroom management, position and voice of a teacher during lesson, maintaining discipline, using resources and manuals as a useful tool for teachers, organizing board and other aids, finding my own style of teaching, to be flexible and change the role according the activity or situation. Many of these items I knew very illegibly. tefl for me personally is a comprehensive set of rules directed to attain best teaching purposes and to make important and valuable resources available to teachers. Owing to this course I was taught to make accurate lesson plans for students with different level of knowledge; I learnt different types of lessons and their significance as boomerang, straight arrow, patchwork lessons. I repeated grammar, phonetic; learnt advantages and disadvantages of using different equipment at lessons, number of ways to assess a student's language level, organization and conducting many new interesting teaching games with young learners. I liked to make lesson plans from video sketches. I'm going to plan and organize such lessons more often. Just a short note is to express my most sincere thanks for his great efforts to my tutor Mr. Peter. I would very much appreciate his kind support and invaluable assistance. I have a great feel of achievement!