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C.S. - Denmark said:
Building the confidence of the students is important as a teacher. Being able to encourage the students to participate in the class and help them acquire proficiency in language effectively is essential, too. Once a student builds the confidence to speak, their abilities begin to improve at a fast pace. Students who lack confidence are the ones who stumble and develop a fear of making mistakes that manifests itself if not ironed out quickly. Some people say that confidence needs to be found from within. In the case of building confidence in students, they need to be able to learn in a comfortable environment, where they are free to express themselves. Restrictions and outside influences need to be kept to a minimum and it’s fair to say, that all the factors associated with building confidence in students, are the responsibility of the teacher. teachers control the classroom, and as such, they can do whatever is necessary to build the confidence of a student that is lacking in self-esteem. The teacher may ask questions that are easy to answer, or at least right up the alley of the student lacking the confidence. Once the student answers some questions correctly, and they feel as though they are smart, their confidence will slowly begin to rise.1 By providing an atmosphere that is comfortable, the effective teacher can help students to increase their level of self-esteem and confidence. Creating an atmosphere filled with mutual respect and friendship, a teacher can make a world of difference to all of their students, especially those that lack confidence.1 Educating students means more than giving them academic knowledge. Simply knowing a correct response doesn't give a student the confidence to raise his hand to answer a question. Students perform best in constructive learning environments. You can ease student insecurities with a variety of activities that build confidence and eliminate negativity. Building confidence in students is valuable for the development of self-esteem and a productive classroom. A class that has confidence will go outside of the learning box to explore their imaginative and creative sides rather than a class that is built on fear and discipline. A student that has confidence will be excited and willing to learn and will usually retain more information. Students acquire self- confidence and self-esteem as a result of successful experiences. teachers should therefore provide experiences in which all students can be successful. Even a small success can rekindle a small spark of confidence that, in turn, encourages students to challenge themselves and learn. Each new success then creates yet more success. Small word of appreciation or a clap of applause motivates a student to perform well and feel proud. Building their confidence is necessary in order to help them perform efficiently. In this way, they are able to show more interest in the lessons and start participating more actively. Half the battle is won when students became more confident and have faith in themselves. Students try their best to perform better every time. They experience pressure to achieve something in life. Sometimes, a little goes a long way. A high five, a pat on the back, a hand-shake, a knowing wink, these are the sorts of things that can be done without the knowledge of the other students that may make a student grow in their maturity, academic development, and social growth.1 Giving a student the gift of knowledge, or to appreciate the art of learning is the joy of any teacher, but to help a student to increase their confidence is an added bonus that makes the profession worth all the while.1 A confident student performs better, concentrates more and easily motivates other. By appreciating even the smallest of their work, is my one way of boosting my students' confidence. 1. http://www.helium.com/items/1619056-tips-for-how-teachers-can-build-confidence-in-students (Bobby Coles)

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