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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

S.G. – Japan said:
My knowledge has developed immensely thought this course. The course has provided a deep understanding of theoretical concepts and provided several ideas and methods for teaching. Reflecting back on individual units, Unit 5 provided a valuable structure for which has assisted me to put theory into practice. For example, physical presence within a classroom was discussed as important in providing an inclusive learning environment and non-threatening teaching style. Building rapport amongst students is as equally important. Incorporating ice breakers as such as introducing yourself, giving a few short sentences about your background and inviting students to do the same, not only helps with relationship building, but allows you to assess the level of the students, and perhaps areas of learning interest. Making the class interesting and taking on board the needs and learning abilities of individual students is critical. Considering different teaching approaches, such as visual, audio, group work activities ect, caterers for different learning styles and maintains interest. Being well prepared and having a positive and compassionate approach to teaching demonstrates enthusiasm and again helps to build rapport. It was also interesting for me to learn about the importance for student talking time, as in when the teacher is talking, it presents less time for student voice and active participation. To avoid unnecessary teacher talking time it is essential to have good lesson planning skills. Carefully choose language and instructions, using language that is tailored to the group you are teaching, often giving instructions in the level below student capability. Using gestures, pictures and miming can reduce teacher talk and encourage students to further understand explanations through language use. This has been particularly useful for teaching chinese migrants in Melbourne. Overall, the course has provided a solid basis for me to be able to teach english. My confidence has grown, no being comfortable to stand in front of a class and teach a lesson point with ease. I have learned to be flexible in my teaching approach and think outside the box. Most of all, my ability to plan, develop and action a lesson plan has been a great achievement. I constantly think of alternate ways I could improve a lesson and work towards constant improvement and motivating lesson plan designs.