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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

When going into a tefl certification course, I believed that there were going to be lessons followed by a standard exercise. I did not understand that followed by each in depth lesson as an even further in depth worksheet. These worksheets, although frustrating at the time, act as physical documentation of my knowledge and growth throughout the course. To further elaborate, what I thought was required of me as a teacher of english in a foreign country was an understatement to say the least. What I have learned is that being a teacher is not, just knowing a few vocabulary words and grammatical rules but rather a way of life. Teaching is about formulating relationships with students and finding what makes a student inspired to learn, all while teaching the lesson. In Unit 10 two different styles of teaching were demonstrated through an educational video. Lesson one showed an uninspired teacher who appeared unhappy to be there as well as lost and confused students. Lesson two showed a motivated, excited and enthusiastic teacher. This teacher is someone who I have aspired to be while working on my last 10 Units. To be a good teacher, to captivate the students in your classroom you need to embrace the material. You need to accept that students are not perfect, but all we can ask is that they try their best and to study their hardest. In addition to these qualities you also must be educated on the environment that you will be surrounded by and the materials around you. There are some things that a teacher can grasp without taking the tefl course however there are many things we cannot. So why is the course so significant? What does the tefl course contribute to the job? The course changes the teachers' outlook on educating. The course breaks down what you are teaching, how to teach it, problems the teacher may face, and how to handle those challenges. While the course itself can be tedious and frustrating many participants would agree that this is not only a class but a beneficial tool to any esl teachers' growth. Students interviewed by interface.edu reported that “they appreciated the course contents, presentation of study material, tutorials and assessment system. “ While the materials and lessons are a major asset to this course and the growth of the student, I believe that it is also important to mention the significance of having a tutor. While these course could be taken online without the assistance of a tutor, if I had to recommend this course to another potential teacher I would encourage them to use the tutor provided. Not only do they correct the worksheets you submit but they also guide you with your responses as well as give you extra feedback. In addition to these helpful qualities, based on my own experience, my tefl tutor gave me additional links related to a few of my units that he thought I would find beneficial in future lessons. While teaching is a career, the overall goal of every teacher is to improve the quality of education for their students. While the tutor meets teachers at the beginning of the process they still have the same goal in mind. This was demonstrated by the additional help, pointers and links to materials I could use for those future lesson plans. Sources http://www.interface.edu.pk/students/Sep-08/AIOU-tefl-diploma.asp

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