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Large classes (73). Large classes are known to present problems for teaching especially engaging all students equally and classroom management. Despite these problems if a teacher utilizes appropriate pedagogy learning can flourish (unit 20 - troubleshooting). I will review organizational and pedagogical practices specific to enhance learning in large classes. In large classes it is beneficial to have teacher aids or client helpers to help in learning. The teacher is the main instructor and co-ordinates teachers' aides' interaction within the classroom. The teacher aides have a more personal interaction with the students and play a more direct role in assessing work (Teaching Large Classes). Whilst teaching a beginner class of more than 100 students I was assigned a teacher's aide. Before class I would meet with the aid and discuss her role in the class, I would ask her to help certain students, to walk around, monitor and correct students' work and organize behavior management issues. The aid had many roles in the class which was students focused whilst the teacher also participated in monitoring students work too; this was to ensure all students were receiving feedback on the lesson. Throughout the lesson and at the end of the class the teacher's aide and I would discuss the progress of students and individual student's needs. This enabled learning that was focused on student needs. Overall having an aide in the classroom enhances learning opportunities and is inclusive. In large classes students can sometimes feel anonymous, invisible and isolated although teachers can utilize quality teaching to make them feel inclusive (Teaching Large Classes). To make students feel included a teacher can: utilize eye contact with all students throughout the lesson - don't just stand out the front move around the classroom - focus attention to different parts of the room - make an effort to get to know the students names and biographical details (Teaching Large Classes). To combat students feeling isolated in the first week I ask the students to introduce themselves to the class and share something about them-selves. Also every week I ask the students to share something about them-selves which links to that week's learning theme. It is also important to get students to share learning as well as work together on tasks with the students seated around them (Teaching Large Classes). Getting students to work in groups helps reduce feelings of anonymity and promotes a feeling of community. Overall there are many pedagogical practices a teacher can use in large classes to make students feel included. It is difficult in large classes more so than in small class to engage all students in the types of activities that facilitate learning of complex ideas and intellectual skills (Teaching Large Classes). Sitting and listening to a well-crafted lecture can be enjoyable and inspirational for some students but it may not be educational. Enhanced learning enables students to explain it in their own words, question ideas, and link it to preexisting knowledge not by just merely listening to a lecture. In classes of 100 or more only a small amount of students will have dialogue with the teacher and may be anxious when speaking in front of the whole class. In big classes to break these barriers down it is recommended that the class is organized into small groups who have a task to complete (Teaching Large Classes). In my large classes I have implemented jigsaw activities where different groups are given a topic or part of a text to study and discuss. Then the groups present their topic to the whole class. This enables students to enhance their intellectual skills and present complex ideas to others. When teaching large classes a teacher needs to assess their pedagogy and develop lessons to enhance learning for these situations. Overall a teacher needs to include all students, through getting to know them activities, ensuring every student is provided with feedback, they can safely interaction with concepts and ideas in small groups and the teacher is approachable. With the right pedagogy a teacher can successfully teach large classes as well as knowing every student which is imperative.