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V.M. -Costa Rica said:
Completing a tefl course has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. For many years I wanted to accomplish my dream of becoming an elementary teacher and for various reasons I was not able to achieve this until I enrolled in the tefl course. The course provides you with many different aspects you will need to become a well prepared teacher and impart effective lessons. It starts with characteristics on how to be a good teacher and how to obtain a good relationship with your students. It also covers a wide selection of grammar, which is very important for a teacher to master. And let’s not forget to mention the most important units (in my opinion) in which efl methodology, mistakes and feedback is covered. Those units were of great help for me because it taught me a lot of important teaching methods and it is after all what you will need and use everyday once you get a job in the teaching industry. It presents you with different methodologies and different lesson plans you can use to help you prepare your class, such as the typical ESA lesson plan, a Straight Arrow ESA plan, a Boomerang ESA lesson and a Patchwork ESA lesson, all of them are essential for planning an adequate lesson, and they all provide you with great ideas on how to make each phase a success. The tefl course also focuses on how to manage a classroom properly, as well as on how a teacher can establish rapport with the students and between the students themselves. It also gives you great tips on how to maintain discipline as it is sometimes needed, especially when dealing with young learners and adolescents. It covers receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing) which are of great importance when learning the english language. It teaches you how to use the board and other equipment in the classroom to a maximum effect, as well as to how to choose the correct textbook for your students. The course definitely covers important facets of teaching and I feel more than ready to start applying all of those features in my classroom. I was amazed with all the great ideas and activities you learn in the process of the course, because being a teacher is all about being creative and making sure your students are well taken care of academically and emotionally and that they are having fun while learning a new language. In conclusion, a tefl course is an excellent way to go, it’s convenient, the tutors are of great help and prompt to answer any doubts you may have. The certificate is also recognize worldwide, which is an incredible benefit and it gives you opportunities to work overseas – that can become an unforgettable experience! I will like to further my education with them and will definitely recommend it to those who are looking into starting a career as a teacher, you will not be disappointed. Sources: My personal experience with the course.