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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I have learned many things during the course. The grammar units were good refreshers, sometimes, as a native speaker; we forget the rules of our mother tongue. It was helpful to see the rules again, and is beneficial in class, because when students ask questions about grammar rules “just because” is not an appropriate answer. The most useful thing from this course was the ESA lesson plans. It is always nice to see a new format for lesson plans. I foresee myself using the ESA lesson plans in my future planning. I find it extremely apt for young learners, it is a great way to see a lesson outline, and to ensure that students are being engaged and introduced to the lesson, they have academic time and they have time to apply their studies through games, activities, and projects. In egypt, one of the major problems for teachers is that parents insist on work, papers, sheets, and grades. They do not understand that young learners, especially, learn better with hands on learning. The ESA lesson plan allows time for sheets and “academics” for the parents and the play learning needed for children. I could show a parent and ESA lesson plan and show them the break down of a lesson and explain how the students are getting academics through different methods. It was great to see all of the ideas for lessons and the different stages of ESA. When we teach it is easy to get stuck in the familiar, same games, same stories, etc. Having some new, fresh ideas is useful when thinking of different ideas for class. I enjoyed Unit 10's video. It was helpful to see a lesson in action, good and bad. I was able to take away a few points, such as, seamlessly flowing into the next activity, and keeping time short and concise. Over all I was able to use a lot of these units in my own classroom and I am excited to continue to apply these topics to my teaching style.