TEFL Washington Missouri

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

This course has been a wealth of knowledge for me in my journey towards one day teaching esl. I have gained much more confidence in how to teach – not just in general, but of course in particular, the english language. I have taken both french and spanish courses, and I believe this too has helped me to understand how languages are both taught and learned. I think having taken a course to learn another language will benefit me also, as I can relate to the students and their struggles with learning another language. This course has broken down teaching english into nice categories for me, showing me the most important elements that must be taught and in what order. One of the biggest tips I have learned is not to depend on a course book. When I took spanish all we did was use our text book. It got boring and predictable and dull. Anytime we did activities that were group work or role plays were really the only exciting times. Before this course I probably would have just used the course book as I did in my spanish class. But now, after seeing how lessons should be planned out (the ESA and patchwork and boomerang ideas are truly a valuable gem I will be sure to always adhere to) it makes much more sense to have a fun lesson that involves the students, but most of all grabs their attention. Learning english should be fun, learning any language should be fun; it shouldn't seem like sitting through a boring math class! There are so many things I will be taking away from this course, such as the ESA guide for lesson planning, the template for lesson planning, which I will be sure to always fill out before my lessons, and also the vast majority of activity ideas and worksheets that were suggested in this course. I know my first year of teaching I will rely heavily on what I learned in this course and often come back to it until I start to feel more comfortable with teaching and carve out my own niche. I think one of the biggest things I will take away is many of the little tips here and there throughout the course, and the constant reminders of little things to do and not to do. Many of these things never had crossed my mind before but make such good sense now that they were mentioned, such as being careful with hand gestures, how seating arrangements can change dynamics, and how to treat students when dealing with discipline.