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I have learned a whole of new and useful techniques that I believe that I can put into practice in the classroom when I teach english in japan on the 20th of April 2012. teachers and Learners: What makes a good teacher? • A good teacher should be kind and patient. • A good teacher should really love teaching. • A good teacher should be lively and entertaining. • A good teacher is able to motivate learners. • A good teacher has a good knowledge of their subject. Parts of speech: The essential parts of speech in the english Grammar contain items such as: • Countable noun • Uncountable noun • Adjective • Adverb • Preposition • Verbs – Transitive and Intransitive verbs • Pronoun – Possessive, Reflexive, Relative • Gerund • Comparative adjective • Superlative adjective • Article (3 only) Theories Methods: Engage, Study, Activate. english Grammar Rules: Present, Past, Future. Managing Classes: Sitting orders, Horse shoe, rows, etc. Lesson Planning: Always be flexible with your lesson plans as you incorporate the ESA methodology into it. The CD Lesson: What makes a good lesson and a bad lesson? Teaching Receptive: Reading & Listening Teaching Productive: Writing & Speaking Teaching Pronunciation: Tones and pitches in voice that indicate questions, statements, stressed sounds and non stressed sounds, phonemic alphabets and symbols. Evaluating and testing: Placement, Progressive, Achievement tests Conditionals and Reported Speech: The 5 main conditionals and their usages. Zero, 1st form, 2nd form, 3rd form, mixed. Equipment: The main types of equipment used in efl, e.g., OHP, board, photos, camera, text books, course books, etc. Modal & Phrase Verbs & Passive Voice. Teaching Special Groups: Different types of beginners, business english learners. Trouble Shooting: Building rapport with students that you meet for the first time. Large Classes; Use of native language; Reluctant students, etc.