TEFL White Deer Texas

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Many people probably think that a tefl course in unnecessary, especially if you have a degree in english and teaching experience. I on the other hand think it is useful to take the tefl course no matter who you are. I have 4 main reasons why anyone teaching esl should get tefl certified. Even if one reason doesn't apply to a prospective teacher it is very likely one of the other reasons will. So, the tefl does a good job reviewing basic english mechanics, it provides a lot of information about teaching english, it has a lot of useful information presented in a methodical and organized fashion, and the tefl course is recognized in a lot of different countries. First of all, the tefl covers a lot of the basics of english. I personally have not studied tenses in a decade. . . Also, I do not usually think about tenses in daily life. Instead I just listen to a phrase or read a phrase. Then I decide if it sounds right in my head. I can write an essay and I have had to do that a lot in college. But, how often does a college student, even an english major, stop and think about how they are using present perfect continuous in a sentences. I don't have to think about it in great detail because I am a native speaker. This process works for me, but it doesn't allow me to explain to students why their sentences are incorrect very efficiently. Second of all, the tefl provides the basics of teaching english. Although it doesn't have a lot of detail, it does cover a lot of the different problems a teacher may encounter teaching esl. The tefl even explains how to teach material in a way that esl students understand. The tefl course covers grammar points, child/adult learning psychology (to a small degree) and lesson planning, and many other topics. While covering these topics the tefl course makes recommendations about games to play, ways to explain the topic in simple language, and lesson ideas that really work. Next, the tefl presents the information in a methodical and organized fashion. I like that it starts out simple. Anyone from an english speaking country that wishes to teach esl should can take this course and be able to finish it with a little bit of effort. They will learn a lot or at least get a much needed refresher course before they begin teaching. You can never be too prepared. Also, it is nice that a teacher can keep the material they received in the course. The teacher can then look back at it whenever they need a review or would like to add to their lesson plan. Finally, the tefl is recognized by many different schools abroad. I work in korea and having a tefl differentiates you from others. It is required for teaching at public schools in Seoul and it often gives a pay increase at academies in Korea. In conclusion, the tefl is useful for anyone that wishes to teach esl. It provides vital information, and tips. It is well organized and will be useful to look over even after you finish taking the course. Also, it can never hurt to take a course that is recognized in different countries outside the US. I think that taking the tefl has been one of the best decisions I have made since I started working as a teacher.