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Preschool children in the united states are typically between the ages of 3-5 years of age. I currently teach preschool students and have been for over four years. I enjoy this age group for many reasons, the interaction between peers and how language at this age flourishes amongst them. I teach three year old children, the age where language starts to rapidly pick up. My students pick up words that are beneficial to communication and other words that most parents would cringe upon from thinking; it came out of “my kid's mouth.” I live in the Seattle area where it is a hub for people around the world. I live in the land of computer companies. These particular companies employ people from all over the world. If you have any doubts walk into a childcare center where multiple languages are spoken as parents are dropping off their children to be integrated into an english speaking world. I have had students from all over the world. I have taught them the basics of english and have worked with their parents of putting them into a program called Phonics. Phonics is a program where children learn phonological awareness, early writing skills, and recognition of letters, sounds, and words. (www.knowledgebeginnings.com /phonics program, 1st & 2nd para.). I have parents asking me all the time “How's my child's english?” My reply, “Your child's english is improving, mostly due to exposure through listening, games, interaction with other children (make believe), and letter and word written exposure.” I also often have my student's practice singing songs that are english related such as rhyming songs. Songs that can be found on websites such as www.world-english.org/rhymes or www.littlebabybum.com, these songs are valuable in helping a non english speaking student to learn english for most of the words are repeated throughout the song and can be in relation with several words within the song. Though my preschoolers are only three years old, I have them practice tracing and copying letters and simple words such as me, cat, and dog, words that have already been exposed too through listening and seeing. I find this valuable in many ways for my students who are learning english, for they are grasping the actual letter itself and learning that letters go into words and hopefully make the connection by the time they enter into the pre-kindergarten program that its makes a sentence. I find that learning letters and basic words such as bathroom, eat, sleep, parents, and other basic words not only helps me in class, but the student themselves do not feel isolated within their own language. I know from past experiences too, I often find myself learning their basic words in order to help them learn english. When the student grasps the english word then I stop using their native language word for the english one. I enjoy seeing a child's face light up when he or she has learned a new word or a letter or even sings or repeats a song or rhyme that he or she has learned. I know this is helping him or her grasp the complexities of the english language. children that are learning a second language especially english gain so much not just the language itself I found out, they outshine their peers socially, academically, and in cognitive learning of the brain. http://www.education.com (Espinosa, 2008; Hakuta, Ferdman & Diaz 1987; Roseburry – McKibbin Brice 2005) retrieved on 29.08.2012. children who do not rush through their english like most natives do have a tendency of scoring higher on exams, grasping the language to a higher level, and having better social skills overall. http://www.education.com (Chang et al. 2007; Retrepo & Kruth; 2003), retrieved on 29.08.2012 para.15. I believe with the right help from parents, teachers, and peers that children who are learning english for the first time will grow up and hopefully succeed in life and who knows maybe become an esl teacher for young learners themselves.