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O.T. - China said:
In modern society, english took its strong position. In kindergarten children learn the english alphabet and simple words. At school, it is required to study, and in some institutions, students listen to the whole course of lectures on various subjects in english. When hiring someone, a knowledge of the language can cause the employer to pay special attention to your resume. english has been assimilated with us for a long time. Everywhere people use words such as "computer", "internet", "business", "image", "presentation" ... We travel around the world talking to people from different countries and cultures in english, and understand each other. Today the ability to communicate in english has become the common thing, and even necessity. But why english? Why not japanese or Arabic? Why english has become the international language, the language of international communication? Many centuries ago, Britain circulated english language in all conquered countries - colonies of the British Empire, and the emigrants from england brought it to north america and other parts of the world. So, teaming with immigrants from Europe, they created the united states of America, where english played a major role in overcoming the linguistic and national barriers. During its existence, english has undergone many changes. Conquered colonies transformed the language of the colonizer and imported into it elements of their national language. For example, the word "business» (business) was initially associated with intense activity and a specific approach to the time, it reflects the name of the American reality. It is believed that the word "business" is derived from the word "employment» (busyness) and is a positive connotation. Specificity of American english has created a new name for it: french linguist Claude Azhezh called American english "convenient language» (americain de commodite). One can agree with his very witty statement that "the world economic power also predestined to promote its language, like win markets for their products, and these two facts are closely related: the spread of the language opens the way for the export of their products." Even easier to accept the fact that "of all the languages in the world english is the most flexible and the most responsive to the changing reality, and he is the first reflects these new realities”. Culture of different countries have their effect on the english language. Today there is even such a thing as American english, for us, is the language of the U.S. heavy-duty power, streamlined and more "user-friendly". Mass distribution of the english language began in the era of globalization, scientific and technological progress. The globalization of economy and trade, as well as the "Americanization" contributed to the spread of American english, whichas more and more often borrowed words in other languages, such as Russian and Ukrainian. Now we learn the latest technology, the Internet and international communication. Scientists from around the world come together to do important researches. Literature in english, clothing from abroad, students 'exchange', tourists, all around us every day. And may have been attempts to create a new universal language of international communication, such as Esperanto, which has made significant progress - still english was and remains the main international language. References: www.nplanet.ru, gooddy.net