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This unit introduces the common basic grammar topics that may be encountered in the day to day interaction with learners. This area of the language is viewed logically and dissects the sentence into the different parts of speech used commonly in the language. All parts of speech are included, except for the traditional interjection, now replaced by the gerund and articles. English can be a 'position' language as this unit tackles also the possible word order in a sentence. This is the simplified explanation of a few common grammatical areas common in the language. Most helpful especially is the lesson on definite articles. Though mastery of this lesson requires memorization, it is worth learning and relearning. Extra-challenging for me is remembering when a number of common countable nouns are often treated as uncountable and uses a preposition instead of an article. I never consciously know that multiple adverbs in a sentence should also follow an order, a concept similar to the adjective's. Thus, regardless of the part of speech, the teacher is posed with a challenge to simplify and/or chunk the grammar concepts to suit every learner's need.