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In this unit I learned about English Grammar. A noun names people, animals, places. things, qualities and states. The Types of nouns are: common, proper, compound, abstract and collective. Plural means there is more than one person or thing. Countable nouns are people, creatures and things that can be counted. Uncounted nouns are things that cannot be counted. Adjective is a word to describe nouns such as people and things. There are two types of comparisons: comparatives- is used to compare two people or things superlatives- is used to compare more than two people There are two types of articles: definite- is used to refer to a specific member of a group indefinite- is used to refer to any member of a group A verb is an action word and also a state. There are two types of verbs: transitive- is a verb that is followed directly by an object intransitive- is a verb that cannot be followed directly by an object. There are four types of principal forms of English verbs: *base form *past simple *past participle *present participle Auxiliary verbs help form a tense or an expression by combining with present or past participles or infinitives of other verbs. Adverb is a word describing more about the action, quality or state verbs. Gerunds is the -ing form of a verb used as a noun. Pronouns are words that are used instead or in place of more precise nouns or noun phrases. The types of pronouns are: personal, possessive, reflexive and relative. Prepositions show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun and some other word in the sentence. The main types are: Time/Date, movement, place/position Conjunctions are words that join words or groups in a sentence. ", This unit teaches the parts of speech by breaking down sentences and explaining each word by what type of word it is and how to use it. I thought this unit did an excellent job explaining the definitions of all the parts of speech and giving easy to follow example. I learned what a gerund is as well as reviewed parts of speech that I have forgot how to use., This unit briefly introduces the basic parts if speech in the English language; articles