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Teaching efl in a kindergarten is one of the most challenging, but rewarding jobs. Before I began teaching 4 and 5 year olds english I thought I would only be teaching them english, nothing else. However, I quickly found out just how wrong I was. Teaching efl in a kindergarten is more than singing songs, dancing around, and doing fun activities all day. While teaching english is a very large portion of it, you are also responsible for teaching them the foundations of school and help them acquire key developmental skills. Teaching the children english is sort of the easy part. Young children have a greater capacity to learn a second language because they still possess the brain synapses needed for language acquisition. This ability makes the children like sponges; they soak up almost all information. With enough exposure and practice, children are able to speak and comprehend english without having to be taught extensive grammar. Most of the teaching I do is through speaking and listening. Doing fun activities is also a great way for students to learn english. Like any other five year old, you start out teaching them basic information such as the days of the week, colors and numbers. After time, you move on to other topics such as healthy foods and summer activities. Teaching english is only one aspect of teaching efl in a kindergarten. Often, kindergarten is the first encounter these children have had in a school setting, therefore, it is the teacher's responsibility to teach them fundamental lessons such as classroom behavior, social skills, and physical skills. At this stage in development they start to really develop fine motor skills, so it is important for the teacher to include activities that involve writing with a pencil, coloring, and cutting. It's also a time where they start expanding upon their gross motor skills. I usually incorporate this into a game of Simon says at the end of class to reward good behavior. children are also beginning to develop social skills. At this point in development it is essential for them to verbally express their wants and needs. As I have experienced, this can be quite difficult for a child in an english kindergarten to do, since they are encouraged to use english to express these needs. However, with patience from the teacher this can be achieved. Besides learning english, classroom behavior is probably the most important thing that the child learns in kindergarten. It is extremely important for the teacher to lay the foundation of appropriate classroom behavior. It is important to make sure the students know what being good actually means and looks like rather than just expecting them to know. Many times I will use a student as an example, if she or he is sitting extremely well or I, myself, will show them how they should walk when in the hallway. It's important to maintain realistic expectations for these young children, after all they are still extremely young and it is sometimes difficult for them to stay in their seats for an extended amount of time or to keep quiet for more than 15 minutes. In order to prevent frustration and bad behavior you should plan lessons around the children's abilities. It is important to keep the activities varied, interesting and animated. Switching up the activities helps a lot, they more active they can be the better off they are. Teaching efl in kindergarten is one of the best things. Although it can be exhausting, I know that I am helping them lay an important foundation. It is clear everyday that I go into work that I have a great impact on these children. It is also very rewarding to see the dramatic improvements in their english skills or in their behavior skills. Work Cited "esl kids -Teaching english To children." HubPages. N.p., May 2012. Web. 26 Aug. 2012. . Morin, Amanda. "5 Physical Skills That Are Important for Kindergarten." About.com School-Age children. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Aug. 2012. .