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Unit 2 deals with the parts of the speech providing their main uses and functions. A sentence is composed by a subject (noun) and a verb. However, there are other words that enrich sentences: adjectives, adverbs, articles, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions. Some of them have subcategories. Having had a closer look at the parts of the speech, in particular at spelling and adjective/adverb word order, has made me more aware of strategies and rules that students can apply to avoid common mistakes. Furthermore, I think that learning to identify the parts of a speech will enable students to use them in a broader and more proper way. In fact, especially with young learners, students tend to build basic sentences often avoiding or limiting the use of adjectives and adverbs (adverbs of frequency, time, manner). Also, I think that focusing on the use of conjunctions and adverbs can greatly improve learners' writing skills (e.g. use of linking words for paragraphing). ", This unit is focused on English grammar. Grammar was never my strongest subject so I have learned a lot from this unit. Going over the different types of words has helped me to better understand English sentence structure. I have always been able to use grammar correctly but did not know the technical names for the different types of words. Knowing the different aspects of sentence structure and the specific rules of English grammar will be invaluable in teaching those who did not grow up learning English how to correctly form sentences., As native English speaker I have to admit that English grammar is a bit of a challenge for me. It all seems to make sense to me while I'm being taught in class but once the class has ended and I'm no longer being constantly reminded of the rules everything tends to fade away. Therefore I found this section a bit more challenging. Not only as a learner of the material but as a teacher. Some of the concepts such as prepositions will be difficult to teach to first time English students. I'm going to go ahead and get a head start on trying to find teaching methods that are successful at tackling this problem in the class room., A very good general overview of important grammar tools used in the English Language. Personally I struggle with teaching grammar so this was a very good unit for me. I have learnt a lot of the sub-classes of each of the major grammar groups (definitive/indefinite Articles