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English grammar is very important, so in this unit we?ve start to learn about the parts of speech. This unit is concerned with recognizing and classifying this part of the speech. NOUNS: names animal, people and things ADJECTIVE: describe nouns ARTICLES: in English we have 3 articles: The (definite) that is used with particular or specific nouns; and a/an (indefinite) used with singular noun. VERBS: is a action word. Verbs can be transitive (that is followed directly by an object), and intransitive ( that can?t be followed directly by an object) ADVERBS: add meaning or information to the action, quality denoted by a verb. PRONOUNS: words that are used in place of precise nouns or noun phrases. PREPOSITIONS: show relationship between a noun or a pronoun and another word of the phrase. CONJUNCTIONS: join words or groups in a sentence.", This unit was on the dreaded parts of speech. Though native English speakers are familiar with the parts of speech