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Archives for August 2022

Most TEFL interviews are now conducted online. Whilst it is very important to think about what questions you may be asked and how you will answer them, of equal importance is being correctly physically set up for the interview. Here we will consider some of the major factors you need to consider before you say, “Hello”.

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This blog post explores what criteria should be used to evaluate activities in an ESL classroom.

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One of the most important concepts to cover in the use of the board is that of “dead time”. This is the time we are writing on the board and nothing is being said. Here we look at 7 top tips to reduce the dead time to a minimum.

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In any lesson the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are important. When we focus our activities on speaking, how should we approach the issue of speaking fluency versus speaking accuracy? In this blog we will consider these two factors and look at where they apply in real lesson examples.

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