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Diploma Courses

For those who already hold a TEFL/TESOL certificate and/or are practicing teachers, we offer the advanced TESOL Diploma. This course is a popular choice with people who are looking to increase their knowledge and qualifications and/or gain an advantage when applying for higher level teaching positions.

Through the use of the internet and other resources the course allows participants to examine a variety of topics through independent study. The course modules are designed to move participant’s knowledge base from the ‘what’ to the ‘why’ in areas such as the historical development of English language teaching, different approaches to course syllabus design, designing materials, assessment strategies and many others.

The diploma course is available with or without the support of our dedicated course tutors. For those who are not familiar with independent study, we would suggest the option of tutor support although the choice is entirely yours. Regardless of your choice, we are confident that you will find the course both interesting and stimulating, and a valuable addition to your CV/résumé.

Another option that you might want to consider is our 470-hour Professional Package. If you choose this package you will receive four online courses; the 120-hour TEFL certification course, the 50-hour course in teaching business English (CTBE), the 50-hour course in teaching English to young learners (CTEYL), and the 250-hour TESOL Diploma. When you sign-up for the package you will be offered a couple of choices. Firstly, you can choose between a tutored course option and an untutored course option. You will also be asked if you prefer to receive four individual certificates (one for each course completed), or a single 470-hour certificate that covers all four courses.

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Our Diploma Courses

250-Hour TESOL Diploma Certification No Tutor
Are you already TEFL or TESOL certified and want to take your EFL career to the next level? With this advanced level training course, you will not only enhance your teaching knowledge but also have access to higher-level teaching positions!
regular price
$ 695
price on offer
$ 499
250-Hour TESOL Diploma Certification With Tutor Support
Our TESOL Diploma is the perfect choice if you want to teach English abroad long-term, as it equips you with advanced skills for leading roles in languages schools around the world with higher salaries and benefits. Complete it entirely online and boost your international ESL career!
regular price
$ 1390
price on offer
$ 599

Our Pro Courses

470-Hour Professional Package No Tutor
Obtain the most advanced TEFL training course on the market at whatever pace suits your personal circumstances and learning style entirely online. Consisting of four full certification courses, this course package offers a broad spectrum of TEFL and teacher management skills, allowing you to pursue a higher-level teaching career abroad.
regular price
$ 990
price on offer
$ 699
470-Hour Professional Package With tutor support and video
Our 470-hours professional package is the most advanced TEFL training on the market, as it consists of four course components, all with full tutor support. This qualification is most sought after by schools around the world as it also prepares you for any future management roles they may take on.
regular price
$ 1298
price on offer
$ 799

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