150-hour TEFL Course with Live Practicum

Although a standard online TEFL certification course is enough to land you a good teaching job in many parts of the world, some employers still prefer their job applicants to have some form of previous classroom experience. One convenient way for first time teachers to obtain this is to take a TEFL course that includes Observed Teaching Practice (OTP) as part of the syllabus. Until recently this meant attending a training center for anywhere from one to four weeks. However, thanks to our new 150-hour TEFL Certification Course with Live Practicum, you can complete your teaching practice with real English language students in a location of your choice and have it observed by an experienced teacher trainer via an online video service.

By completing some OTP before applying for English language teaching jobs, you will greatly enhance your appeal to many international employers and ensure you are ready to step into your own classroom full of confidence in your ability to plan and deliver the quality of lessons that your students deserve. If you want a convenient TEFL Certification Course that will set you up for a successful career teaching English at home or overseas, take a look at our 150-hour TEFL Certification Course with Live Practicum.