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Hong Kong’s and Macau’s pre-eminent English educational institution

Headstart Group Ltd. is Hong Kong’s and Macau’s pre-eminent English educational institution. We are dynamic, driven and a market leader in the industry. We provide bespoke English curriculum development, in-class and after-school English programmes, UK study tours, teacher training and native-speaking English teacher (NET) recruitment services for our clients. We serve more than 270 schools and universities, and are well-known for our superior quality of services all round.

a small asian boy is looking at a picture and smiling
a female TEFL teacher is miming telephone picture to a group of asian children
an early career TEFL teacher is sitting in front of a group of asian kindergarteners with her hand raised
a TEFL teacher is helping a group of asian high school students at the desk
a group of asian girls are playing a table game in a TEFL classroom