Online Specialized Courses

The practice of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) often branches into specialized areas focusing on teaching specific groups of learners. Worldwide demand for EFL teachers qualified in these fields is increasing and ITTT is at the forefront in preparing teachers with the necessary skills to teach English to young learners, teach business English, and teach English online.

The benefits of becoming certified to teach English in these specific fields are many and you will find that holding such qualifications not only improves your teaching ability but of course your employability.

Each of our specialized courses consists of modular units and each course necessitates approximately 50 hours of study.

These specialized courses are designed for TEFL/TESOL and equivalent certified teachers. Prior experience or training in specific fields is not required to complete any of these courses.

Certificate in Teaching Business English

Upon completion of the CTBE online certification course, graduates will be able to:

  • Consider and discuss, using terminology that is standard within the industry, the role of Business English teaching.
  • Create a teaching syllabus based on the assessment of a client's needs.
  • Have realistic ideas for the creation of individual lessons which are tailored to the client's requirements and also have clear ideas on how to deliver the lessons to a wide range of target groups.
  • Locate and create materials for teaching business English.
  • Create and apply assessment procedures pre-course, course and post course.
  • Understand the role of a teacher of business English in a wide variety of situations.

Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners

Completing the CTEYL online certification course trains graduates to:

  • Evaluate and discuss, using industry standard terminology, the function of teaching English to young learners.
  • Construct a syllabus based on your students' needs assessment.
  • Create realistic individual lesson plans tailored to the young learners' needs and have clear ideas for delivering those lessons to many different kinds of students.
  • Source and construct materials for creating English for young learners lessons.
  • Construct and implement assessment methodologies for before, during and after a course.
  • Comprehend the role of teaching English to young learners in many different situations.