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In this unit I felt I got a stronger grip on the technicalities of my own language. I speak it and use proper grammar and mechanics without giving it a thought as to why words are placed as they are.
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This Unit speaks about grammar and the parts of speech. Although I can use English grammar on my speech relatively well, that doesn?t mean I?m always aware of all the details. So, we need to develop o
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Dalli Rajhara
As a native speaker of English I intuitively know what sounds right or wrong to me in a sentence but do not feel I have ever really been sure that I know why something is right or wrong and how to exp
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This was a very good review of English grammar, especially the basic types of words and common mistakes that students often make. It's nice to know that there is some sort of reasoning system behind t
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Although, I am a native English speaker, this Unit helped to remind me of the importance of parts of speech! The Unit provides an excellent review of the use of all parts of speech and especially th
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I have been teaching english for preschoolers for seven years now, and with all of that I felt that being in this course gave me such a great confidence in completing my career as a teacher because I
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This aspect Parts of Speech,a very very important because it really gives me more insight to the speech, nouns and plurals, different types of nouns, Adjective types,Verbs and different types of verb.
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Naila Janjgir
Once you get past the basic idea of nouns, verbs etc I can become quite confused as to what is termed what. This was a good exercise in stopping and breaking down sentence structure and its formation
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Grammar unit was a great review and a important reminder to go over with. Learning grammar is almost the same process of building a foundation for a house. In order to teach how to speak and communica
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Tilda Newra
Grammar and sentence structure is an important part of communicating. Understanding the parts of speech will help students understand the way words are used. Allowing the students to participate by us
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