Other Asia TEFL Jobs in Other Asia

If you are looking for a part of the world that can offer you plenty of real world experience, as well as an almost guaranteed chance of finding a teaching job, then Asia is the region for you.

China is certainly one of the most popular countries for teaching right now as there are so many available positions you generally get to choose which one suits you the best. South East Asia has always been a very popular destination for TEFL teachers due to the relaxed lifestyle and wide availability of jobs. However, as well as these well-known locations, Asia has many other areas which offer some good opportunities for teachers looking to find work in the region.

The Indian subcontinent is home to a vast number of people and so has plenty of teaching opportunities, while Mongolia and several of the former Soviet Republic countries also offer a variety of positions in the teaching industry. Countries such as Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan are a few of the better choices if you are looking for paid work, while Armenia is a very good choice for teachers looking for volunteer based work.

Types of English Teaching Positions in Asia

TEFL jobs throughout Asia can generally be divided into three main types of employment: private language schools, universities and freelance teaching.

Working conditions and salaries vary greatly depending on the country where you are working, the school or institute that employs you, as well as your level of qualifications and teaching experience. However, freelance work obviously offers the greatest flexibility when it comes to the hours you work, while universities tend to be more reliable when it comes to helping with work permits and other paperwork.

Securing a TEFL Job in Asia

If you are looking for work in the Asian region there are many ways to search for the right job to suit you. It is often possible to gain TEFL employment in Asia through a recruiting firm from your own country. However, you should make sure that you receive a contract from the actual school as sometimes the recruiting agency will not actually know where they will end up placing you. To avoid this situation, you should do a little research into the recruiting agency, as well as the schools they offer you.

Often the best approach is to simply arrive in the country of your choice and then start your job search from there. In some areas the demand for teachers is so great that simply being a native English speaker is good enough to secure a teaching position, however, if you are hoping to find a good quality job then a TEFL certificate is usually necessary. If you have no teaching experience or qualifications and you are looking for anything more than short term employment you should seriously consider a TEFL course with ITTT. After completing one of our courses you will be able to apply for the better paying jobs and you will also be equipped with the skills necessary to do the job effectively.

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