Teach English in CaohuMuchang - Akesu Diqu — Aksu

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There are many ways of teaching a foreign language. One of them is “Grammar-translation”. The basic principle of this system is finding equivalents in the students’ own language and the foreign language being learned. It’s a system of translation. Another way is “Audio-lingualism”. It concentrates on long repetition drills. Next one is “Presentation, practice, and production” –PPP presents context and situation for the language and demonstrates the meaning and form of a new language. “Task-based learning” focuses on a task than the language. Among the ways of teaching a foreign language are. • Communicative language teaching- CLT • Communicative language learning- CLL • The silent way • Suggestopaedia • The lexical approach • Engage, study and activate-ESA ESA is the most effective of all the methodologies for new teachers. It consists of three stages: 1. Engage – This is the sequence in the lesson where the teacher will try to arouse the students’ interest and get them to involve in the lesson. This is considered to be a “warmer”. There are many activities how to engage students. For example: • partner information share • memory games • alphabet relay • fizz-buzz • anagrams, etc. 2. Study – In this stage students will focus on the language and how it is constructed. It can be done with the help of different activities. • tongue twisters • hangman • work searches • gap fill 3. Activate – This is the stage where the students are encouraged to use all the language they know. The focus is more on fluency than accuracy. Activities of this stage are: • role-play • mill-drills and survey • communication games • debate • story building