Teach English in Aweitan Zhen - Aletai Dìqu — Altay

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Wow, where to begin. I learned a lot in this unit. I am sure I will benefit a lot from the distinction of the three different stages of a lesson. I always knew it was important to have these elements in a lesson like piquing interest, teaching language points, and having the students apply them but I never thought of them as distinct stages to use in a lesson. It is also very good for me to have these new tools and ideas for ways to vary those stages of a lesson so as not to get boring and repetitive. I also think I know which kind of teaching I am most inclined towards. I am very interested in communicative language teaching. This is the kind of learning that is best for me when I am a student and I think I'd be best at teaching that. I also like PPP and CLL. I think the Silent Way is absurd and suggestopaedia is a bit too relaxed.