Teach English in Bingtuan Yibayi Tuan - Aletai Dìqu — Altay

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This unit focused on the theories, methods and techniques that are used by teachers to effectively educate their students about the English language. It provides details about the various teaching theories such as Grammar-Translation, Task-based Learning etc which can be employed in the classroom but also stressed the importance of knowing when and how to use these method to maximize their effectiveness. It also provided a breakdown of the ESA method and the various activities that can be used to help materialize a substantial lesson. Furthermore, the unit highlighted the topic of correction by giving tips on how and when to correct and the various abbreviations that can be used in corrective writing. One of the main things i learned from this unit is the different methods that can be merged/blended and the forms of ESA methods that can be used to make the lesson interesting and boost enthusiasm among students. I also learned the importance of correcting students so as to not hinder or stifle their zeal and/or initiative.