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The term business English is used to cover the English taught to a wide range of professional people, and students in full-time education preparing for a business career. There’s a lot more to learning a second (or third or fourth!) language than just vocabulary and grammar because languages are used differently in different contexts. Business English is the type of English used in business contexts. Some types of English, like novels and law briefings, welcome long, sophisticated vocabulary. Business English isn’t like that. Good writing is direct and to the point.There is less of grammatical focus in conversation it’s more going to be functional.Also business English is situation specific this means that you going to be focusing on expirations and vocabulary. Pronunciation in business English is very crucial as one of goal in Business English is to produce effective communicator.If you miss understood it’s impossible to effective.So,with that you should not aim for perfection.In classroom this very hard to describe and differentiate between business English and general English.Well, being a teacher I have to differentiate both categories and then get started to my point.One important part in teaching business English is to use the type of materials which will best help the learners to get ready with the real life situations in workplace. A key issue when considering any teaching is authenticity. It must be admitted that students hardly learn business English in the classrooms. It is not also probable for the pre-experienced learners to practice and learn English in the real corporate world. Therefore, the feasible approach is to attempt to employ methods and strategies that help to create authentic business contexts in classrooms where the learners can understand business concepts and situations and practice their skills. In the context of business English, there are various types of authentic materials.Here are examples of authentic items which can be used in classrooms: 1- For learners, course books and materials are designed which often use authentic materials in their content. 2- Articles or excerpts from newspapers, magazines and business English journals chosen for their relevance or interest are most likely useful. 3- Advertisements, illustrations, commercial documents or diagrams to demonstrate business concepts can also be selected. 4- The BBC World Service provides various kinds of information that can be usefully incorporated in teaching and learning materials. 5- Specific Company information is a very vast category that covers a variety of business teaching and learning materials, such as annual reports, letters, faxes, emails, memos, minutes of meetings, contracts, written instructions, product information, company’s advertising brochure, company’s websites, etc. For example I can play a game in classroom where I’ll make pairs of two students and ask one to act like a boss one to be a interviewer and use idioms and functional language.Moreover, Reading is the best way to improve your Business English vocabulary and Business English writing skills. Reading anything and everything is good, but to really build effective business communication in English. This is probably very true, as students will have to know the basic rules of English grammar, both in written and spoken form, and also will have to know a basic amount of vocabulary to even hold the easiest conversation. Certain core skills in general English are required, such as fluency, listening, reading and writing in order to be able to improve there business English. In short, Business English is used in business activities and context. It is clearly shown that Business English is used under business purposes with business-related lexical, syntactic and grammatical features different from those of General English. Language features of Business English are special, formal, clear, courtesy and so on which can be revealed in Business English writing and translation. Grab its features in the study, we are able to better understand and better use the characteristics of Business English, and can improve skills and quality of using Business English. From the above analysis, we can know that Business English is very important in business situation, and there are a lot of language features of Business English.