Teach English in Jietou Zhen - Baoshan Shi

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The classroom management is the skill of organizing the class,students and what takes place within the class.The teacher is the main person who can achieve these things,by using his eyes,voice and gesture. The grouping of students is very important for class activities ,there are three main types of grouping:- whole class - individuals - pair work Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Using the students name can help organizing the class,indicating who should respond,... The classroom arrangement depends on the age of students,physical space,... the three main types to arrange the classroom are :-rows -horseshoes -individual desks each of the arrangement has advantages and disadvantages. The time of writing om board should be considered. as well as the teacher talking time and the student talking time . the teacher can do some ice-breaking activities. To build rapport,being fair,punctual,well prepared,...helps the class to be more disciplined.