Teach English in Mangbang Zhen - Baoshan Shi

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Unit 5 focused on how to manage a class. This unit taught me that it is not only important to know the material you are teaching but also that the organization and management of the classroom are factors to consider when teaching a class. Proper classroom management allows for the students to learn more effectively and for maintaining discipline, while also creating a comfortable learning environment for the students. The correct use of eye contact, gestures and your voice are all important for effective teaching. Eye contact can help with establishing rapport between the teacher and the students. When using gestures it is important to only use commonly understood gestures or that the meaning of a gesture has been established before use; gestures are very useful in reducing the need for teacher talk time while still conveying the meaning of the language. Proper use of a teachers voice is necessary for students to be able to understand a teachers' explanations or instructions; a teacher should be able to vary their voice depending on the situation and will use language suitable for the teaching level. In addition the layout of the classroom and the position of the teacher in the room can affect the learning environment. The layout of the classroom largely depends on the space available, the type of tables and chairs available, the age of the students, the nationality of the students and the personalities of the students. Moreover, the teacher should consider factors like how the teacher/student relationship will vary, how the atmosphere will change, what is the teachers role in different scenarios and what layout will be most suitable for the students and allow them to communicate effectively when planning the layout of a classroom. Since group work is a useful teaching method it is important the layout allows for easy student interaction when pair-work, group-work or entire class grouping is being used. Lastly, it is not only important to consider how to manage where the students are in the classroom, but where the teachers' position in the room will be; this depends on the activities planned and what the teachers role for be in these activities. The teacher should bear in mind how they will be giving instructions, providing individual attention, developing rapport and maintaining discipline, and proper management of a class is an important factor when considering these things.