Teach English in Mali Zhen - Changdu Shi — Qamdo, Chambo

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. Methods and techniques are very important in teaching a language especially when your students are learning the language as L2. Thus , this unit elaborates on the the teaching theories , methods and techniques .I learnt that the following teaching methods and techniques can be helpful though debateble but can give a positive result when teaching > Methods and techniques : grammar -translation,Audio-lingualism ,presentation, practice and production,task based learning, communicative language teaching,communicative Language Learning ,The silent way ,Suggestopaedia,The lexical approach .So , we can`t chose which of the above method is best and the above approaches and method can be successful base on the teacher`s personality ,the cultures of the students etc .Though the methods have some disadvantges and advantages ,students need to be expose to the language ,students need to be encouraged to discover the language by themselves if possible etc . Also,because students need to be motivated , exposed to the language and have opportunity to use it Jeremy harmer forwarded the ESA( Engage ,study ,activate) methods.With each stage having a different role to be carried out either by the teacher with the students involved or students ,students .Thus all ESA lessons comprises of Engage , study and activate stages and ESA Lessons have the following kinds : Straight arrow ESA lesson ( engage, study and activate) , boomerang ESA lesson ( engage , activate 1,study , activate 2 and finally Patchwor ESA lesson (engage , activate , activate ,study ,activate ,engage ,study ,activate ).The unit also gave some good ideas about each stage of the above ESA lessons . For example