Teach English in Dabaotou Zhen - Changzhi Shi

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Most children love playing outside. I remember when I was little my mother use to beg us to come inside in the evenings. There are just so many things a child can learn outside, as we are surrounded by a very wide variety of things. Also taking children outside for activities to learn English keeps them entertained and it doesn't feel like they are caged between the walls of a classroom. I personally believe that fresh air is always good for the kids. There are so many outdoor activities that I would love to do with the children while teaching them English. For example water games. First I would get them to fill a tub with water. Just by doing that we can already start communicating in English about the filling of the tub. After that I can give them different animals and objects and they can name them, plus instruct a friend which ones to place in the water. For the smaller kids this is easy to understand and fun to do. Which kid doesn't enjoy playing in the water? Another outdoor activity for the children who are a bit older would be to play a game of their favorite sport. For example soccer. I would ask them to name the equipment necessary, the basic rules and who their favorite players are. Afterwards I would divide them into teams and play a competitive goal scoring game. Each team who gets a question correct in English is allowed to kick the ball for a goal... the team with the most goals win. This will keep the kids active and motivated. Especially when they are allowed to do something that they love, while learning. I would also love to divide the children into groups and give them each a list with English objects. For example: * Yellow flower * Brown rock * Green leaf * Twig * Feather * Brown leaf Then I will send them out in groups to gather the objects on the list. Each team will get a different list of objects, just to keep it interesting. This will give the children a chance to interact with each other and ask each other for help. This way they learn the English word for the objects. Putting a physical object with a word makes it easy to remember. A nice game of hop scotch with letters and numbers is also in the cards. Jumping around, getting rid of some of their excess energy! All while learning and enjoying a nice day under the clouds. For the older kids a treasure hunt will keep them focused and thinking! Giving each team a map with instructions all in English. I can hide different instructions which in the end leads to the "prize". Each team will find their own prize in the end. It is important to make them feel like they accomplished something. Each team member will be responsible to finding at least one of the clues. That way I can ensure that not only the most dominant students - but everyone - takes part. Playing is a huge part of a child's development. That is how they learn... by discovering new things and figuring out how some things work. I remember how I enjoyed being outside as a child. The mud cakes that we "baked" and the games we played with our friends. Learning can be made fun, it does not have to be dull and boring. If I can incorporate that into my lessons... what fun lessons we will have!!!