Teach English in Dingchang Zhen - Changzhi Shi

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Teaching kindergarten children requires a lot of creativity since it is usually the first time small children are exposed to a new language, ie, English. To achieve this task you need a lot of pictures, video material, as it is easier to retain and absorb. Also songs are important as the children like them and makes the class more interesting. Starting the class with a greeting song.. Hello, everybody how are you? And they answer I’m fine, this with each child mentioning his or her name. ex: Hello, Susan how are you? And let her answer I´m fine.. going round with each child. Then go one by one singing My name is ….. Basic theme to learn and they like is colors, draw or bring something painted in the colors to teach… first show them, with small children eliciting is not easy as they do not know the language, they have to listen and repeat, then after teaching and repeating (could be with videos, flash cards, drawings), the activate phase, maybe put color circles in the classroom, and tell them to get into the circle of the color X… this with every child. And repeat many different activities as one class is not enough, for example bring a paper with each color, take a box of legos, and tell them to bring a lego of X color and put it in the paper of the corresponding color. Playing with playdoo in different colors is another activate option. Same thing with shapes, and other themes… Each week should have a subject, ex. Weather, animals, family, etc. Bring pictures, flashcards, videos, puppets, are things they like..and can see, listening and hearing are the 2 basic skills used in this age as reading and writing is not an option, they are too small for them. Songs are very important as not to make a class boring, the bus song, hello can you clap your hands (to learn body parts, as well as a body and pasting the parts in a figure) I believe no more than 40 minutes for kindergarten is the maximum time, as playing is important. Playing can be part of the activate phase, study is mostly repeating. It is important to bring a plan of the things you want to teach each class, materials used, and development of the class. Small kids also like prizes so at he end of each unit do an arts and crafts activity , painting to take home to their parents. Remember to reinforce the basic things like colors, shapes, every week. For the higher level, stories with animation and a lot of pictures is another option, and at the end ask questions as to see if they understood, example: who is on top of the tree ?, repeat, repeat is basic in this stage. Materials are important, crayons, glue, are of basic use in kindergarten. They should be used in the activate phase, for example, glue or paste the nose in the empty face, the ears, eyes, etc. Teaching in kindergarten should be a lot of fun as the teacher is always playing while teaching.