Teach English in Fengyi Zhen - Changzhi Shi

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No matter what society we live in, the teacher invariably plays a key role in developing people's knowledge and ethics. Therefore, the way that teacher imparts knowledge to students or inspires ones is considered the role of the teacher in class. To be more precise, the teacher is so flexible that they are in various characters depending on both lessons and situations. First of all, teacher can be a manager or controller when they make a lecture to help learners understand the main point of the lesson. At that time, all students' attention will pay on teachers and obey to teacher's order. Beside that, a teacher is also an organizer as they will arrange different activities that not only makes the lesson more active but motivate students. Work in pair, for example, is an activity that creates time for students practicing and supporting each others. As well as that, the teacher can organize funny games to help students review the lesson without boring. An assessor is regarded as one of the teacher's role as the teacher will give feedback or correct learners' mistakes that assists students make a real advance. For instance, when students learn speaking skill, students are unable to control their voice or intonation, teacher is likely to give them a helping hand in this case, as the result. As well as that, teacher will evaluate and grade students while they provide support for students, too. Next, the teacher is responsible for encouraging students to use English during the lesson as well as to be more confident when teacher is a prompter. An illustration of this is that when a student is standing in front of class and making presentation, if he gets stuck, the teacher can give him some hints that help him overcome the hard time and be more self- believed. Sometimes, in order to improve learners' creative and strong forceful manners, the teacher may be in participant position. For example, the teacher can give students a short time to think about how to teach their classmate directions in the optimal way without using words of mouth. Of course, students will play as a teacher to impart the information to the class. A teacher will be a tutor when students work individually and need some more detail explains. Especially, with some weak students, teacher as a tutor is really helpful, because the teacher can help students grasp the lesson easier.In addition to this, resource or facilitator is one of the most important roles of teacher as students can have their own comfort zone to do their task but teacher still gives students some advice when students need it. Anyway, a notice of this role is that teacher has to be flexible and smart enough to avoid spoon- feed lesson. The teacher is a model, it's mean that teacher will instruct students in most of the activities first to help students grasp the content. For example, during pronunciation lesson, teacher will speak out loud the new words and students will repeat after that. Finally, observer and monitor is the role that teacher will manage the class to find out what is going on during the lesson and the result of lesson. When students are having role- play or other oral communicative activities, teacher is likely to observe and make notes for correction or praise at later stage that not only helps students burn their imagination but know their own mistakes. In conclusion, I suppose I should say that a good teacher is a person who can change flexibly to adapt various situation in the class to involve and engage students. So, which roles the teacher choose to play and when they should do is extremely important.