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To have a good lesson plan one has to understand it’s Meaning.A lesson plan is the preparation that does in advance before the lesson begins. This can be putting materials to be used in lesson together ready for the class. The teacher needs first to identify her classrooms aids and set them ready in the class before the class begins.The teacher also needs to write down a plan of lesson stages and what should be done in every stage and for what duration that is putting in place the time factor.There should be short term goals set per every stage of the lesson so when they are achieved teacher can move with ease to the next stage of the lesson. The teacher should leave a comment section in his or her written lesson plan .The teacher after class can write down on comment section how the lesson was and if all target set for the lesson were achieved . A good written lesson plan should have introduction part on how teacher plans to start the class and the new topic .The teacher may begin with reviewing of the previous lesson for a few minutes.The teacher may introduce new lesson by engaging the students with drawing, pictures or any other aid that is related to the.This will give students an idea of what lessons is about. The next thing is time teacher reads and pronounce the words in the way for class and explain the words to students this is the study face .The next is for incorporating of why taught on how to use it.Teacher can give some exercises to the students like gap fill exercises.This concludes the study phase. The next good lesson should have an Activate stage. Here students can be involved in playing games which are centered on the topic of lesson.The games should enhance practice of what is learnt in the lesson in previous stages .The teacher can write of a way in which the activity is going to be carried out either in groups or in pairs. The lesson plan should contain what teacher will be doing in the activate stage of the lesson .After the teacher may conduct a survey by giving students to give their report. The results of survey show if students targets have been met . Teacher may write last part of lesson plan as review of the lesson and the assignment that is given to the students.Here should have place to comment about the lesson after the class that is when lesson plan have been put into use. All that is written in or on your plan should be related to topic of what you are teaching and should work towards reaching the goals and objectives set .Every part be educational.If you don't know what an activity is teaching the learners then Just remove it from the lesson plan. We can conclude by saying a good preparation of the lesson should : *Have Clear Objectives or goals *Background Knowledge. *Direct and clear not complicated Instruction. *Activities for the students to practice *have an end that is Closure. *Demonstration of Learning (Quick Assessment can be through survey). The above is a good illustration of how a teacher can prepare for lesson.