Teach English in Pupeng Zhen - Dali Baizu Zizhizhou

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Classroom management is the skill or organizing and managing the class while maintaining a friendly learning atmosphere without loosing control of the activities or students’ attention. Teachers normally use eye contact, gestures and voice to steer and communicate with the classroom. Grouping and seating students correctly according to space and types of activities will create optimal learning environment. For a very large class “orderly rows” is recommended while as smaller groups can work in pairs, sit in circles, or horseshoe formations. The teacher stands often in front of the students, but there are times when sitting down is recommended, for example when students are focused on working on their assignments. TTT, teacher talking time is important, but it should be carefully balanced so that students get to activate and use the language as much as possible. Teachers should always be righteous, fair, calm and patient. A trusting relationship between teachers and learners can increase motivation for learning and create a safe environment for the students. Positivity, smiles, enthusiasm, humor and compassion in the classroom help create a good atmosphere in the classroom.