Teach English in Daciyao Zhen - Datong Shi

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Teachers are always finding new and creative ways to motivating students in the classroom. They realize how important and essential it is to have students that are motivated to learn. You can have the best lessons, books, and materials in the world but without motivation students will not get excited about learning. Many techniques can be used to motivating students in the classroom. First, teachers must have a meaningful and respectful relationship with their students. A teacher should know each of their students on a personal level. They should know their interests, their family situations and what makes them get excited. Teachers should show and express that they care. This learning process can be as easy as sharing five minutes a day with each student or where students share with each other about themselves. Secondly, teachers should be inspirational. They should be a mentor. Teachers need to be able to inspire, challenge and motivate students enough to be memorable years later. To this day, I still remember several teachers from my childhood that have had a lasting impact in my life. Teachers need to represent success to their students. A teacher’s success can be shown by receiving a college degree, owning a business, having traveled the world, or receiving rewards. Once a teacher shares their success story, students can learn what success can do for them. Teachers should be excited about teaching which will in turn cause the students to be more excited about learning. They are then more motivated to go after what they want. Thirdly, teachers should also set high expectation and establish clear goals for their students. Working towards daily, weekly, and yearly goals gives students a purpose and a reason to continue to work hard and move forward. Students should begin with setting daily goals by writing their goals down, posting their goals and or expressing their goals. Goals should be visible. Establishing a daily goal at the start of the lesson gives students a purpose for learning. Teachers must also clearly outline what is expected of the student. Many students do not understand or know what is expected of them. Students need to be taught and shown what is expected. Expectations and goals should be set high but attainable. Another good motivator is competition. I remember this from my childhood classroom days. Competition in the classroom can motivate students to try harder. This should be a no stressful situation with a friendly spirit of competition. Some examples can be competition through playing games related to the learning material or paring students into groups and competing with other groups. Make the classroom a fun learning experience. This will help students be more motivated to pay attention. This allows students to show what they have learned. Motivation is the basics for learning. Teachers must first learn how to motivate their students to get them to learn. Teachers must know who their students are to know how to motivate them. Even the best students become frustrated and demotivated when they feel like they’re struggling or not getting recognition. If a teacher truly knows his students, there should be no reason for frustration. Teachers must be able to push their students to do more than the bare minimum. Help them by challenging them to achieve high expectations. Be a good mentor.