Teach English in Jiucheng Zhen - Dehong Daizu Jingpozu Zizhizhou

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Through this unit, I realised that Classroom Management is also one of the important role for the teachers to teach the students. It allows the students to participate well and will help maintaining discipline problem. It is important for the teachers to find student's personality and the relationship among the students. This is because knowing the students will help the teacher to provide suitable activity in the class. Also the eye contact, gesture and the voice is important to the student as it can hold students' attention and manage the class more easily. Giving an example, giving gesture to the students will help to reduce teacher talk time and helps with maintaining discipline. I've learnt that there're suitable classroom arrangement depending on the number of students in class. This unit has taught me the importance of the Classroom Management and reflect back to the past high school teacher's roles in managing the classroom.